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Aged Services Australia, under my leadership as the owner, is a respected company dedicated to providing specialised assistance to individuals with special needs in the Gold Coast, QLD, and Northern NSW regions of Australia. My expertise is at the forefront, ensuring that we focus on serving the unique needs of elderly individuals, which is reflected in our diverse range of gardening and home maintenance services. I fully understand the distinct challenges faced by those with special needs and am well-prepared to address them with empathy and proficiency.

My services encompass customised gardening solutions and home modifications, as well as maintenance tasks tailored to address mobility concerns. Aged Services Australia, led by me, is committed to delivering the care and support essential for enhancing the quality of life for individuals with special needs.

Working in the Garden
Lawn Mower
Volunteers Cleaning Park

Experienced and skilled, I, as the sole operator of the business, ensure exceptional services.

Matt Reiffel

Matt Reiffel


Matt's kindness shines brightly as he engages deeply with life's different aspects. A dedicated father to three wonderful children, he holds close the ties of family and embraces parenthood with unwavering love. The outdoors are his haven, where he finds peace and renewal. Matt's caring nature extends warmly to the community and the elderly, as he discovers immense joy in offering help to those in need. Through his volunteering, he creates ripples of goodness that touch lives with care and understanding. Every action he takes, whether in extending a helping hand or savoring the beauty of nature, reflects his commitment to creating a kinder and more connected world.

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