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Aged Services Australia is a reputable company dedicated to offering specialised assistance to individuals with special needs across the Gold Coast, QLD, and Northern NSW regions of Australia. With my expertise at the forefront, the emphasis remains on serving the distinct needs of elderly individuals, which is reflected in our diverse range of gardening and home maintenance services. I comprehend the unique challenges faced by those with special needs and am well-prepared to handle them with empathy and proficiency.

My services encompass customised gardening solutions, including wheelchair-accessible landscaping, as well as home modifications and maintenance tasks tailored to address mobility concerns. Aged Services Australia, led by me, is committed to providing the care and support essential for enhancing the quality of life for individuals with special needs.

Working in the Garden
Lawn Mower
Volunteers Cleaning Park


Irrespective of size, every task matters. No job is insignificant. Whether it's a gentle cleaning touch or consistent garden maintenance, we provide comprehensive solutions. Our dedicated team works diligently to meet your preferences, ensuring your home offers utmost comfort.

Garden maintenance

Keep your garden in top shape with our comprehensive garden maintenance, which includes expert weeding, pruning, and garden bed care.

Home cleaning

Ensure a fresh, sanitised, and tidy living space with the meticulous home cleaning services .

Lawn mowing

Keep your lawn looking great with Aged Services Australia's expert lawn mowing. They make sure your outdoor area is tidy and welcoming.

Gutter cleaning

We specialise in safe and efficient gutter cleaning, ensuring optimal functionality while prioritising the safety of both our professionals and clients.

Home modifications

We accomodate mobility needs and enhance accessibility with our specialised home modification services .

Window cleaning

See how Aged Services Australia cleans windows so well that your home becomes super clear and you can see outside easily.

Keeping your home and garden in order

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