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Aged Services Australia offers a comprehensive range of tailored services to meet the needs of elderly individuals across the Gold Coast, QLD, and Northern NSW regions of Australia. Led by the experienced hand of Matt, these services excel in various areas, including garden maintenance, gutter cleaning, home cleaning, home modifications, lawn mowing, and window cleaning. When it comes to garden maintenance, Matt provides expert care and attention, offering services such as lawn mowing, weeding, pruning, and garden bed maintenance. For efficient gutter cleaning, Matt ensures that gutters are free from debris and functioning optimally to prevent any potential issues. His reliable home cleaning services aim to maintain a clean and safe environment, with attention to detail and personalised care. When it comes to home modifications, Matt's team is experienced in adapting homes to accommodate mobility needs and enhance accessibility. Additionally, Aged Services Australia, under Matt's guidance, offers professional lawn mowing to keep outdoor spaces neat and well-maintained. Lastly, their window cleaning services ensure sparkling clean windows, allowing natural light to brighten up living spaces. With Aged Services Australia, operating across the Gold Coast, QLD, and Northern NSW regions, and led by Matt, you can trust in their expertise and commitment to providing top-notch services to support the well-being and comfort of elderly individuals.

Aged Services Australia - leading excellence in senior/ special needs support.

Aged Services Australia stands as the pinnacle of excellence in their field, combining expertise in specialized care, meticulous attention, and comprehensive services to ensure unparalleled support for seniors' unique needs.

Please feel free to call me during business hours with any questions.

Keep your garden in top shape with our comprehensive garden maintenance, which includes expert weeding, pruning, and garden bed care.

We specialise in safe and efficient gutter cleaning, ensuring optimal functionality while prioritising the safety of both our professionals and clients.

Ensure a fresh, sanitised, and tidy living space with the meticulous home cleaning services.

We accomodate mobility needs and enhance accessibility with our specialised home modification services .

Keep your lawn looking great with Aged Services Australia's expert lawn mowing. They make sure your outdoor area is tidy and welcoming.

See how Aged Services Australia cleans windows so well that your home becomes super clear and you can see outside easily.

We provide a range of services 

Aged Services Australia provides a comprehensive array of offerings, catering to a wide range of needs. This includes meticulous home cleaning that revitalises and sanitises your living space. Additionally, our specialised expertise extends to safe and efficient services, ensuring your drainage system's optimal functionality and preventing potential issues.Beyond the boundaries of your home, we extend our care to cover garden maintenance, which involves careful weeding, expert pruning, and tending to garden beds.

With a deep understanding of mobility requirements, Aged Services Australia excels in home modifications, creating secure and accessible living environments. This is further reinforced by our comprehensive approach that safeguards the foundation of your property. Our proficiency isn't limited to indoor spaces; we also excel in professional window cleaning services that enhance the clarity of your surroundings.

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